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Predictably delivering qualified prospects through automation

Key questions you can ask about your firm to see if you are 

• Be everywhere your clients are
• Is your communication process designed around your convenience or theirs?
• Are you ready to shift from legacy media to digital?

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leads for lawyers

Lead Magnets

text for lawyers 2

Automated Text
ad retargeting for lawyers
Ad Retargeting

client experience

Client experience


email marketing for lawyers

Automated Email Campaigns
long term nurture Sequences for lawyers
Long-Term Nurture Sequences

interactive client creation machine

One quarter at a time

Quarterly training in manageable lessons to help you develop your complete client feeder system that attracts, educates and pre-qualifies the right prospects - even before they book an appointment.

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Be Everywhere Your Clients Are

Your clients are already online

The firms that know how to communicate online with the right message to the right people at the right time will be seen as the unmistakable experts and authorities in their fields, and will be top of mind when the the prospect is ready to take action in solving their problem.

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100% FREE Introductory Training

"Digital Marketing Automation For Law Firms"


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Learn how law firms are uniquely positioned to benefit from:

• Internet Re-Targeting
• Email Auto-Response
• Text Auto-Response
• Internet Re-targeting
• Email Auto-Response
• Text Auto-Response

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Distinguished Speaker at

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“One of the things that’s unique about Ronnie is he is that great marriage of technical expertise and legal expertise.”
Victor Medina, JD, CELA, CFP
Medina Law Group
Plantas Financial Services
“One of the best investments you could consider making for you law practice.”

Mark Metzger, JD
Metzger Law Firm
“If you’re looking to invest your time and money into solving your marketing issue, the Automated Attorney is the way to go.”
Steve Riley, JD

Who Should Watch this Training?

Solo Attorneys Who Want a System for Acquiring New Clients

Working longer and harder to get new clients will only get you so far. To scale your practice you need a realiable system for obtaining qualified leads.

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Lawyers that want to Fall in Love with the Law Again

You became a lawyer because you wanted to help people solve problems and not to spend endless hours meeting with people who do not understand, appreciate, or will never be able to afford your services, but without a system for pre-qualifying your leads, that's how you are spending too much of your day.

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Small and Medium Firms Still Relying on 19th Century Advertising for Leads

Passive advertising through billboards, print and TV is only going to get harder and less effective. Consumer eyeballs are rapidly shifting to diverse digital outlets and firms without a plan to reach them are going to miss out. 

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"Digital Marketing Automation for Law Firms"

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